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The S.S.P. Enterprise method of manufacturing seals and components is state-of-the-art. Our products can be used anywhere: in the processing industry, construction, filling and packaging, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, mechanical engineering, supply and disposal, power transmission or the automotive industry.

We are capable of manufacturing precision seals and custom parts from 5 mm to 24 in. in small or large quantities (with no set-up charge) in a variety of materials. All parts are lathe-cut on our custom designed C.N.C. lathe, pre-programmed with over 100 different profiles stored in our computer which can be varied infinitely (both standard and metric) to suit your requirements. This specially developed software ensures that even the most complicated components will satisfy the highest demands, not only as sealing components but as odd-ball, obsolete or hard-to-find plastic, teflon or rubber parts in any- size or quantity. We can even lathe-cut a rubber o-ring!

Standard materials including buna, Viton®, silicone, EPDM, virgin and filled teflons, urethanes and a variety of plastics are available for your specific application. We also compliment this with a wide range of special materials which can be supplied at your request.

The S.S.P. system is the most modern method of producing custom, obsolete or odd-ball seals and parts delivered to you directly from the manufacturer within days (sometimes the same day!) simply based on your description, drawing or old part.

Our products are manufactured with the aid of the latest in computer technology and are extremely accurate to the point of outlasting the seal or part that had been replaced.

Precise, quick, clean and made from your choice of material, we guarantee each part, profile measurement and quality of material.

For maintenance and repair on original equipment, bored out cylinders, foreign equipment, even obsolete equipment, we can make the seals you need from your equipment specifications. Because the new seal is custom made—not mass produced-—tolerances are equal to or better than the original seal.

What's more, our technology minimizes the need for large, costly inventories of special seals and hard-to-find parts, including metrics, saving you money.

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

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