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Polyurethane Offers outstanding abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Ideal for seals used under hydraulic pressure and applications where highly stressed parts are subject to wear. Hardness (Shore A): 90. Temperature Range: –60° to 225°F
Teflon® A tough, chemically-inert polymer possessing an incredible working temperature range. An excellent material for seals that are exposed to industrial chemicals and solvents. Temperature Range: –300°F to 500°F
Filled Teflon® A special Teflon reinforced with various available fillers, well-suited for more severe applications such as piston rings, guide rings, bearings and shaft seals. Offers excellent chemical and heat resistance. Temperature Range: –300° to 500°F
Viton® Offers excellent resistance to petroleum products, solvents, and high temperatures. Excellent for a variety of applications, both static and dynamic, such as seals for automotive and aircraft fuel systems, hard vacuum service and other high temp uses. Hardness (Shore A): 90. Temperature Range: –20° to 400°F
Buna N A widely used elastomer offering excellent resistance to oils, hydraulic fluids and fuels. Ideal for applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Hardness (Shore A): 90. Temperature Range: –40° to 250°F
Ethylene-Propylene A copolymer which has gained wide seal industry acceptance for its excellent ozone and chemical resistance characteristics. It is ideal for outdoor weather-resistant uses. Hardness (Shore A): 90. Temperature Range: –60° to 300°F
Aflas® Exhibits excellent chemical resistance properties and good to fair high temperature retention of physical properties. Ideal for oil field, industrial and chemical applications. Hardness (Shore A): 90. Temperature Range: –23° to 400°F
Engineered Plastics Offer excellent resistance to oils, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Excellent for guide rings, back-up rings, valve seats, bushings and bearings. Hardness and temperature ranges depend on the compounds used in formulating the material.
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) LSR offers a wide temperature range with long-term temperature resistance and low temperature flexibility. It has good rubber-like properties—tensile strength, elongation, etc.—and excellent resistance to the damaging effects of UV light, ozone, O2, weather, lubricants with outstanding aging characteristics. Temperature Range: –94°F to 400°F
Composite Seals Combines the advantages of metal or plastic with the performance of elastomers. Offers added stability and durability.
New Materials SSP Enterprise constantly performs research and development of new materials and durometers to keep up with the rapidly changing needs in today’s industries. The result is frequent additions to our material line. Call us for more information on other materials we can provide for your application.
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