• Leading edge manufacturing technology
  • High performance proprietary materials
  • Seals up to 27" delivers in 48 hours, seals up to 78" delivered in 1-4 wks
  • Over 250,000 satisfied customers
Seals and components manufactured to meet your needs.
We offer a wide range of standard and non-standard seals and components for a variety of equipment in all types of industries. You provide the housing dimensions, sample part, kits number, competitor part number or application information and we’ll deliver the product. We specialize in precision manufacturing seals and components in many profiles and sizes ranging from 5/64" up to 78" in diameter (2 mm to 2 m).

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals
• Rod Seals ••• Piston Seals ••• Wipers ••• Wear Bands ••• Backup Rings ••• Rotary Shaft Seals

Braided Packing

Mechanical Seals

Valve Components
• Ball Valve Seats ••• Bellows ••• Globe Valve Discs ••• Stem Packing ••• Valve Discs ••• Valve Packing ••• Components ••• Belts ••• Caps ••• Expander Rings ••• Gaskets ••• O-Rings ••• Pads ••• Plugs ••• Rollers ••• Seals ••• Shims ••• Square Rings ••• Stoppers

Flange, Fitting & Coupling Components
••• Gaskets ••• Spacers ••• Square Rings ••• Washers

Power Transmission Components
••• Bearing Seals ••• Oil Seals ••• Radial Shaft Seals ••• Shelf Lubricating Bushings ••• Shaft Seals ••• Shims ••• Spring Loaded Seals

Machined Plastic Components
••• Adapters ••• Bearings ••• Bushings ••• Polyurethane Parts ••• Rings ••• Shims ••• Spacers ••• Special Shapes ••• Washers

Pump Components
••• Baffle Rings ••• Bearing Seals ••• Face Seals ••• Oil Seals ••• Plunger Packing ••• Pusher Rings ••• V-Ring Seals

Custom Designed Components
••• Medical Equipment ••• Food Processing ••• Glass Manufacturing Equipment ••• Woodworking Equipment ••• Timber Processing Equipment ••• Electrical Equipment

Application Examples

Aerosol Packaging Equipment
Agitating Mixers
Agricultural Implements
Air Blast Equipment
Air Compressors
Air Operated Pumps
Aluminum Extrusion Presses
Ammonia Compressors
Annealing Machinery
Asphalt Crushers
Assembling Presses
Auto Lifts

Bag Filling Machinery
Baling Presses
Ball Valves
Beverage Bottling Machinery
Blast Furnace Machinery
Blending Mixers
Blow Molding Equipment
Book Binding Machinery
Boring & Drilling Machinery
Bottle Filling Machinery
Brakes: Hydraulic, Industrial
Bundling Presses

Can Making Machinery
Car Loaders
Carton Making Machinery
Cartridge Valves
Casting Equipment
Cement Mill Machinery
Chemical Processing Equipment
Chrome Plating Equipment
Control Valves
Cylinders, Air & Hydraulic

Deep Hole Drilling Equipment
Degreasing Equipment
Directional Control Valves
Drilling Equipment
Drop Forging Machinery
Drum Filling Machinery

Electric Power Plants
Electrical Transformers
Electrohydraulic Servo Valves
Excavating Equipment
Extruding Presses

Forging Machinery
Food Processing Equipment
Fork Lift Trucks
Foundry Equipment

Glass Making Equipment
Grain Handling Equipment
Gravel Handling Equipment

Heat Exchangers
Hoists, Hydraulic
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic Dumpers
Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulic Rams

Injection Molding Machinery
Iron Pipe Machinery
Iron Mill Machinery

Joints, Swivel

Laminating Presses
Laundry Machinery, Industrial
Laundry Presses, Industrial
Legs, Hydraulic
Lift Jack
Lift Truck
Loaders, Hydraulic
Logging Equipment

Machine Tool Cylinders
Marine Equipment
Metal Forming Equipment
Mine Car Dumpers
Molding Equipment
Motors, Hydraulic & Air

Oil Wells & Equipment

Packing Machinery
Paper Mill Equipment
Pipe Testers
Pipe Making Machinery
Plywood Presses
Printing Presses
Pneumatic Conveyors
Pollution Control Equipment
Presses, Hydraulic
Presses, Metal Working
Presses, Plastic Molding
Presses, Rubber Molding

Railroad Car Dumpers
Railroad Car Washing Equipment
Rotary Equipment
Rotary Shearing Machinery
Rubber Molding Equipment

Scrap Baling Presses
Shears, Hydraulic
Ship Loading Equipment
Sludge Pumps
Soap Making Equipment
Solvent Recovery Systems
Spinning Equipment
Spraying Equipment
Stamping Presses
Steam Heated Presses
Steel Mill Equipment
Steel Rolling Equipment
Steel Slitting Equipment

Telescopic Hoists
Textile Machinery
Timber Harvesting Equipment
Tire Molding Equipment
Transfer Molding Presses

Vacuum Equipment
Valve Actuators
Valve Manifolds

Waste Treatment Equipment
Waste Pulper Balers
Woodworking Equipment
Wood Veneering Equipment

...and many more!

*Some limitations apply. Call for more information.

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